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Completion rates are bullsh*t 💩

Online courses get a bad rep for their poor completion rates. You’ve got the wrong metric!

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A bull

Online courses, especially self-paced ones, get a bad rep for their poor completion rates.

It makes no sense! 🤷🏻‍♂️

What does it even mean to “complete” a course? Attend every session and watch every lesson? Complete every assignment? Connect with everyone in the community?

Keep your eyes on the goal 🎯

Your students want results. That’s it, and it’s all that should matter to you too.

It’s a disservice to your students to focus on completion rates. 👎🏻

How to measure the success of your course 📈

It’s hard to measure the success of every individual at the scale of the Internet.

That’s unrealistic… but also unnecessary.

Speak to your students, however many of them you realistically can, asking them to share their motivations, struggles, and success stories. When you start to hear more success stories than setbacks, then you know you’re on the right path.

Make it your mission to collect more success stories! 💪🏻