Hey there! 👋🏻

I'm Merott—pronounced like “Merit” and “Scott” mingled.

I'm a full-time web developer, and part-time… searching-for-my-thing-er! 😅

I used to write a curated newsletter for course creators, sharing hours of insights from over 200 articles, podcasts and videos in a concise, digestible format. From audience-building and idea validation to content design, pricing, marketing, and way more! 💰

But, of everything I wrote about, I found myself most excited and drawn to ideas around learning design, student engagement, gamification and storytelling in online courses.

I decided to double down on the thing that excited me the most. That’s what this website is about—feeding my curiosity while helping you build powerful, engaging courses.

I’m on Twitter @merott. Say hello—my DMs are open!